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If you’ve had restorative dental work done, you might be wondering, do implants or bridges need dental cleanings? Let’s talk about when this is necessary so that you can make sure your new smile is cared for properly.

What is a Dental Cleaning?

Before we answer the question, “Do implants and bridges need dental cleanings?” let’s start by talking about what a dental cleaning is. A dental cleaning is a professional cleaning of your teeth that is performed by a dental hygienist who works alongside your dentist to help you keep your smile healthy.

Regular daily brushing at home is always important, but a dental hygienist has special tools and the expertise to clean areas that a regular toothbrush and at-home dental care routine won’t be able to reach such as between your teeth, along your gum line, or around dental appliances like bridges.

Do I Need a Dental Cleaning?

If you’ve had restorative dental work done, you’re probably wondering, “Do implants or bridges need dental cleanings like natural teeth?” The short answer is, “Yes, they do.”

Implants and bridges are made to function just like natural teeth, so they’re also susceptible to buildup of plaque that needs to be cleaned regularly by a dental professional. Dental cleanings are also important to keep your gums healthy, too, because if bacteria buildup occurs along the gum line, it can lead to gum disease.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleanings are recommended every 6 months for healthy individuals with no history of dental problems or health conditions that impact their dental health. If you have health conditions that might affect your teeth or gums or, a history of dental health issues, talk with your dentist to find out how often you should visit for a dental cleaning to help ensure that your dental health stays in top shape.

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