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The specific lifestyle changes that come with maturity can be complex and unique to you and your history and experiences. Why shouldn’t your dentist be experienced and able to appreciate you and your needs? Here we will discuss how a Geriatric Dentist can be a helpful resource for you!

You Need Empathy

You deserve a dental team that considers your viewpoint and experience, who responds with compassion and care to your unique needs. A team who understands any unique sensory or cognitive needs you may have that come with maturity, and who responds to them with knowledge and understanding. Sometimes communication about your needs can be difficult, but a geriatric dentist who understands how to anticipate any challenges can be a helpful resource in making you comfortable and well cared for.

You Need Knowledge

A geriatric dentist may be more equipped to understand the complexities of how different medications or health needs may interact with your dental care. You need a dentist who is able to anticipate these situations, and help you plan for dental care that takes each variable into account, and that treats many of the common dental needs of more mature patients.

You Need Patience

One other thing that geriatric dentists may be able to do is patiently give space for any other needs you may have. Should there be any confusion or difficulty, a geriatric dentist may be able to use their knowledge and experience to use a calm and peaceful solution that prioritizes necessary dental care.

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